A little project that mixes memory, writing, and music, presented in somewhat of a timeline/journal entry format. I also used this as an opportunity to try some more complex layouts and designs in Webflow.

(desktop or tablet only)

About the project

I’ve been wanting to make this project for a long time. Since discovering my love of music, memories and music have been wrapped around each other ever since. More often than not, music brings my memories back, reminding me of feelings, thoughts, and emotions that I thought evaporated long ago. Usually this reminder is exhilarating, but sometimes it can be disarming and even, in my most vulnerable state, debilitating.

Memory is a powerful thing, and music is the vehicle, the catalyst by which many of my memories stick with me. For years I’ve been wanting to express this somehow. For what purpose? I’m not really sure. Is it the challenge of expressing something so abstract? Is it therapeutic? Or just entertaining to me?

(desktop or tablet only)

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