Apple Music Profile Redesign

Original design

New design

This is a quick redesign of the Apple Music profile screen on macOS. Looking at the original screen, I felt it needed some love. Other than sharing playlists, it doesn't really serve any other useful purpose. This redesign adds some more dynamic elements to the profile that will help visitors get a better overview of what music the user listens to and how they listen to it.

Apple Music has access to so much listening data. Why not put it to some use? Most-played artist and top five most-played songs provide an overview of who the user's favorite artists are and what type of music they listen to the most.

Let's take this data even further by displaying listening trends to give even more insight into the user's listening habits. This could be a fun way for a user (or their followers) to see how their listening habits change over time.

Finally, the user's "station" is ready to be played if someone wanted to hear their favorite music for themselves. These stations already exist but are incredibly difficult to access, unless you want to listen to your own station. Why not put them right in the profile?

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